No 1 - Mouvement
Automne 2023 ++

  1. Élise Ares Poliquin
  2. Jonathan Stack
  3. Noa Blanche Beschorner
  4. Mariana Chajon
  5. Josephine « Jo » Campbell Lashuk
  6. Gabriel Barbeau
  7. Joss D’Alton
  8. Clémentine Landry
  9. Gia Lamothe
  10. Camille Ares Poliquin
  11. Pablo Antonio Vargas Venegas
  12. Yann Pariot
  13. Dennis Belopolsky

No 2 - Passages
Printemps 2024 ++

      1. Jérémy Gagnon
      2. Ashton Diduck
      3. Romane Pilote
      4. Justine Lacoste
      5. Filémon Brault-Archambeault
      6. Noa Blanche Beschorner
      7. Emma Roufs
      8. Samy Benammar
      9. Mary-Kim Caron
    10. Neltje Green
    11. Jonathan Stack
    12. Jacob Mahfoud
    13. Samuel Terry Pitre
    14. Loup Gauvin-Dufresne
    15. Ribs Beauchamp
    16. Camille Ares Poliquin
    17. Pablo Antonio Vargas Venegas


Mariana Chajon

I finally told you

You cried,



even forgot.

Accepted, accept it, excepting, excepted

Axe etching a sentence

exhaling acts as an ending

they all sound the same to you

you take us on a family holiday

to the capital,

the parliament.

we cross the street and a portal opens

to a land of domination, erasure, and capitulation.

a group of people holding a bunch of signs

written on them: god doesn’t love me

hot thick salty sweat on my face as the sun tans my skin,

I look down at my clothes

and feel fear in the back of my head

a bullet had been nested there

all my life,

itching twenty years later

and the sweat starts burning my forehead

it leaves a mark made of ashes in the form of a cross




I turn to leave but you hold me back,

as if walking through this is a rite of passage

that will get me closer to you.

so holy, so effortlessly.

my brother leads the way out

God bless him

i will never forget how your face looked as you cried

even if you apologized

one time

the image comes back

it’s hard to believe

it took me a long time to unlearn

what you taught me at sixteen


In Ottawa
2023 | Poème | Québec, Canada