No 1 - Mouvement
Automne 2023 ++

  1. Élise Ares Poliquin
  2. Jonathan Stack
  3. Noa Blanche Beschorner
  4. Mariana Chajon
  5. Josephine « Jo » Campbell Lashuk
  6. Gabriel Barbeau
  7. Joss D’Alton
  8. Clémentine Landry
  9. Gia Lamothe
  10. Camille Ares Poliquin
  11. Pablo Antonio Vargas Venegas
  12. Yann Pariot
  13. Dennis Belopolsky

No 2 - Passages
Printemps 2024 ++

      1. Jérémy Gagnon
      2. Ashton Diduck
      3. Romane Pilote
      4. Justine Lacoste
      5. Filémon Brault-Archambeault
      6. Noa Blanche Beschorner
      7. Emma Roufs
      8. Samy Benammar
      9. Mary-Kim Caron
    10. Neltje Green
    11. Jonathan Stack
    12. Jacob Mahfoud
    13. Samuel Terry Pitre
    14. Loup Gauvin-Dufresne
    15. Ribs Beauchamp
    16. Camille Ares Poliquin
    17. Pablo Antonio Vargas Venegas


Yann Pariot

Le Doux Fruit de Nos Labeurs
2023 | Design | Québec, Canada

« My uncle is a farmer in the north of Auvergne in France. This place where I grew up is for me a source of great pride, however, I now find myself at odds with many of the habits and morals of my family. ‘Le Doux Fruit de Nos Labeurs’ (The Sweet Fruit of Our Labors) is a conceptual book exploring the nature of labor in rural areas as well as my relationship to my paternal family. The format is inspired by manuscripts from the Middle Ages and reuses a bistro chair as a support. The object is activated by turning a wooden crank embedded in the seat. The text and the illustrations are printed on canvas.The text mimics the graphic language of the encyclopedia, providing a naturalistic exploration of the language spoken in the Allier, while the surreal illustrations represent a more symbolic vision of the work. Ironically, the grotesque transformation of a chair’s seat robs it of its usefulness, but it still requires manual labor to be used.

Beyond the evident theme of labor in rural France, I believe my project raises intriguing questions about movement. The object exists in a paradoxical state, simultaneously static and in motion when activated by the user. Movement serves as a catalyst for comprehending the project, while also inviting contemplation of the potential negative consequences of perpetual motion. »